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From: American Military News
Here’s how new mini drones are revolutionizing US Army operations in Afghanistan #AmericanFreedomPressAlliance #AmericanMilitaryNews #Trump2020
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North Korea took $2 billion in cyberattacks to fund weapons program: U.N. report #AmericanFreedomPressAlliance #REUTERS
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From: WFLA
Sen. Scott pushing for better information for consumers on origin of apps, products #AmericanFreedomPressAlliance #WJBF #TRUMP2020
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From: U.S.
Tesla stands by safety claims despite U.S. probes, subpoenas over crashes
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From: USA Today
An iPhone made in America? Why building Apple's smartphone in the USA is a 'pipe dream' #AmericanFreedomPressAlliance #USATODAY #TRUMP2020
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