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Proposed Services

This site does not generate any income currently. We have a list of services below we thought we could sell, but do not know how much to charge. Make an offer if you'd like to use any.

Individual Pages

We could make a page for you that looks like our News pages. We could add your picture to upper right hand corner with your name below it. You would have to log into our system, but we would give you a way to add an item which would consist of a link to a site, an image for the site or article, and a description for the site. The site does not have to be a news site, but everything should be OK for children to see. We may cancel the use if we see fit. (Hateful rhetoric, false statements).

Notice to candidates: We automatically show your picture and give a link to your campaign site. If you do not like your picture, you may tell us to use another one. The ratio of width to height of the picture should be 4 to 5. We will also change your main campaign site. If asked we can point to other campaign sites and news articles. Most of the editors of this site are pro Trump, but we try to be fair. Negative campaigning is likely to be pulled. Our editors also have access to various news (RSS) feeds. If you wish to make one, we will add it to our news feeds. If you do not know how to do a news feed, the designer of this site will help you. The feeds may refer to any page on any site.

Sponsor Pages

We could add links to your site with a discription. An optional picture is allowed. We do not know whether we should charge a flat fee, pay by visit, or charge a Modest finder's fee if the visitor buys something.

Use of our News feeds

We have a page that allows us to list the feed articles from various news sites (subject sometimes). You can click on an article's descriptiona and go to the site for that article. We date the articles. If you want another news feed, ask and we will add it. Note: Some sites do not have (or like) news feeds, we just have links to those sites.

If interested

Please contact our developer Howard Cary Morris