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Racism Editorial

Integration Arkansas 1956
By Mikki Niemi

So now ‘racist’ is the newest buzzword used by all to achieve whatever they can but in the end calling people racist who are not is counterproductive to the equality movement. The fact that we can all interbreed makes race a moot point. We have the same kind of variation that dogs have. Chihuahuas, Great Danes and everything in between every color in between and we are the same kind of species, with phenotypic variation.

Human variation comes out in ethnics. Human ethnic variation is phenomenal and the more communication there is, the faster it takes place. Ideas travel literally across the globe and entrenched cultures with a proven survival pattern based on cultural isolation will resist new ideas. After the cataclysm the human race was forced into isolates due to climatic conditions and cultural ruin. Some of these isolates have become successful and now there exists global cultures but some of the isolates have adopted modern technology in order to wage war. They want war but not cultural change like the rights of women to have an education of their choice and to be aware of what choices exist beyond the veil.

I grew up in an intensely patrilineal environment, where the women served the men and boys like they were little kings. The men and boys were served in the dining room and the women and girls and babies ate in the kitchen after serving the men. Men led the family. Men were not questioned. So the Women’s Liberation movement began and I eagerly joined it, seeing it as a way to at least have a say on clothing choices and maybe have more educational opportunities in male dominated professions. This was cultural change in action and I saw the reaction of the little kings to female claims of rights and it was not pretty. My own mother never worked but many women found their worth working during World War II and had no intention of quitting after the war.

But back to ‘racism’. Cultural change is easy to see here in Tucson. I see Mexican fathers dressed Ranchero and his son is dressed in shorts and sneakers. I see people from back East come here and try to dress like they do back there and it’s too hot for that here. People will change. Different foods will become popular and different ideas spark creativity. The ethnic aspect is observable: I have seen Native American children raised by others and if adopted young enough, they will act like the adoptive family. Cultural norms are transmitted easily to any youngster. I think that the people who fear influence by other races are afraid of the rapid cultural change that is possible but now with electronic communication. I think people who fear influence by other ethnic groups are afraid of cultural change. I think that cultural centers of power like religions fear change unless they are controlling it.

Certain ethnic groups migrate with the express intent of destroying the host culture and replacing it with their own. They migrate with the idea of changing the parent culture to be like that they were ousted from but with them in control. I saw a young central American woman announce at a local supervisor’s meeting that the central Americans are going to come here by the millions and change this country forever.

This us and them stuff can really be destructive but with a threat like has been made, resistance is inevitable. I detest censorship and the latest is using our tolerance for free speech to harm us by fomenting hate against another ethnic group they don’t like. Who will be next on their agenda? Presbyterians? Yazidis? When will their capacity for hate diminish to a logical level of discourse? Probably never because their ethnic isolate feared anything different so do they.

Out here in Arizona I was offended by a certain uneducated fool mouthpiece who briefly visited the border and repeated migrant gossip she heard that was super negative against the Border Patrol personnel. She was getting media attention at the expense of those who work harder and in more difficult conditions than she. Shame on her.

And now a new one appears, a nice looking lady who does not understand that being elected to Congress is a commitment to serve all the people in their district, then all the people in the United States. All the people, not just ‘colored’ people. Is she crazy or just ignorant? She actually quacks like a true racist. What if some pale person got up and said they only represented pale people? What’s going on here? The House censors Trump for saying love it or leave it but Maxine Waters can call for violence against Trump supporters and that is just fine.

What does this ‘women of color’ phrase mean? If I am a Caucasian, do I have color? It looks like it to me when I look in the mirror. Are they attempting to group some ethnics under this ‘women of color’ designation, and thus form a voting block? There are issues that affect all women equally but they still want to use that exclusionary phrase ‘women of color’. Who are they excluding from their stated group? How are issues affecting ‘women of color’ different from the issues affecting the excluded group? Should that group be called ‘women without color”? Gimme a Break!

Dorothy Prater Niemi